Movie dinner
On August 09, gourmets and cineastes meet at the Angerer Alm for an artistic evening of indulgence. The evening is opened with a ápero and afterwards we focus on the culinary delights, prepared with lots of love and sophistication. To round off the evening and as a relaxing finish we present a cinematic delicacy. Please book your favourite place in advance!


Existing since more than 250 years, the hut was acquired by the Foidl family in 1985. In the following years a lot of changes took place – it developed from a simple inn to a mountain hut, where you can enjoy great meals and pleasant dreams. Due to the taking over of the restaurant by Annemarie Foidl 1989, first-class food and selected wine found their way to Angerer Alm. In 2010 daughter Katharina joined the family business Angerer Alm and in 2011 Gerald Weiss, experienced chef at home and abroad, found his way not only to the Angerer Alm but also into the heart of Katharina. This team of three leads the Angerer Alm on its road to success, so that also future generations can write their piece of history here in the mountains.

Once it was the highest-located mountain farm of St. Johann – now it is a mountain hut with excellent cuisine.

Collect precious
moments, that will
never be forgotten.