Movie dinner
On August 09, gourmets and cineastes meet at the Angerer Alm for an artistic evening of indulgence. The evening is opened with a ápero and afterwards we focus on the culinary delights, prepared with lots of love and sophistication. To round off the evening and as a relaxing finish we present a cinematic delicacy. Please book your favourite place in advance!


Angerer Alm Deko
We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us. –John Muir

Bold and sublime the Angerer Alm is embedded in the mountains. Surrounded by ample Alpine pastures and spectacular views. The location up here at the Kitzbüheler Horn could not be better, as it offers boundless possibilities for friends of summer- and winter sports. Be in the centre of the action with the whole holiday region of St. Johann at your feet. The ski resort of the St. Johann Bergbahnen surrounds our hut and we are located in the centre of the hiking region; the mountain bike trails go directly past our doorstep. It could not be better, could it?

€ 107 p.p.
Bike holiday in breath-taking scenery

You want to rise up

to the skies and reach

for the stars? Come

and visit us at the

Angerer Alm.

€ 107 p.p.

Bike holiday in breath-taking scenery

The best place for
great celebrations
– Angerer Alm.